Tuesday, 7 June 2005

triumphal tea

I have reconciled the business accounts software with the bank statements!

Finally. I've been putting it off for three months, that's how much it's been stressing me. Initially I thought I'd lost £865 somewhere, but it was only hiding. Now it all adds up down to the last penny and I am triumphant and no longer ashamed to hand it all over to the accountant to check. I've printed out audit trails, and everything.

From tomorrow, I am gigging in an odd-shaped hotel in London until Friday.

Things to remember:

  1. diary
  2. pants
  3. steel toe-cap boots
  4. to forward office phone on to mobile
  5. bottle for water
  6. phone charger

It's suddenly sunny. I am going to go and have a celebratory cup of tea sat on the bench outside the back door, beside my new lavender bush.

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