Saturday, 11 June 2005

the death of sleep

It is 12.25 am and I have not long come home. I need:

  1. A shower
  2. A drink of water
  3. Sleep, and lots of it

The job seems to have gone okay. R had a terrible, terrible time on Wednesday and Thursday - our special delivery gobos (the metal or glass patterns that slide in front of the lamps to throw colours and shapes on the walls) didn't arrive at the hotel as promised, and I spent two hours chasing them and getting them redelivered while he sweated to get the rest of the show up. That went okay.

But then the desk with all the buttons that allows you to control which lights are on or off / up or down / different colours somehow stopped talking to the lamps. That was quite bad, particularly as it didn't happen in a consistent fashion, but on and off, randomly.

Then two of the lamps that move round to throw the prettiest patterns on the walls and ceiling turned out to be faulty. That was quite bad, too.

Then we didn't have enough four-pin cable to run a particular kind of lamp in the particular configuration we wanted. That was worse.

Then lots of other stuff that is technical and relatively un-interesting unless you are a lamping nerd; basically lots of things that on their own were just minor glitches. But they all happened one after the other, at speed.

R was fabulous, although really, really stressed (and God knows what our phone bills are going to be for technical assistance to B in Germany). He made it all look really good, and the client seems happy enough. He has invited us to the pub for a debrief on Monday lunchtime - if he's going to carpet us, I don't think he'd have offered to waste good beer on us.

I am going to bed now, to think about five thing I miss from my childhood in order to do this meme-thingy I've been tagged for ... item 1 on my list above can wait until tomorrow.

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