Wednesday, 29 June 2005

territorial waters

The place:
Howletts Wildlife Park, Kent

The people:
Me, B, a married pair of friends of ours and their three year old

The incident:
Did you know that tigers behave territorially in exactly the same way as domestic cats? They pace up and down along the perimeter of their territory and they lay scent markers. Did you know that when a tiger pees, it sprays a good eight feet in to the air and eight feet backwards? That's all the way through the chain-link fence and over the security fence.

And over some of the people standing there, going "gosh, look, they behave territorially in exactly the same way as domestic cats!".

We had to drive home with all the car windows open.

Incidentally, they also breed gorillas for release in to the wild. I thoroughly recommend a visit, although it's probably best to pick a day when it won't be full of people escaped from Chav Central who are doing monkey impressions beside the cages. Generally the gorillas behave with much more grace, intelligence and understanding than their human cousins.

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