Friday, 24 June 2005


B is back tonight. I'm collecting him from the airport at 9.30. However, as usual, there is a catch.

Instead of coming home, we are staying in a hotel close to the airport in Manchester, in order to be on site at 7am tomorrow for a gig close by. It seemed like madness to come home late and then get up at 5am to drive all the way back again.

The gig is a dinner-and-disco effort. It is going to take all day to rig, including thrutching around with a cherrypicker, and it doesn't finish until 1am Sunday morning, when we start the de-rig.

I am guessing that we won't be home until about 6am Sunday morning.

Both of us could do without it really, but it's for a client we do quite a lot of work for.

On the good side - Polish Lodger seems really happy about feeding the cats while we're gone. I hope B won't be too upset by this ... :).

R and I are going to finish sorting the office out and then he is going to go home early afternoon, whilst I have a nap to build my sleep reserves up.

Roll on Sunday ...

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