Monday, 20 June 2005

plumber, redux

This evening I have been along to a barbeque at Dani and R's. I have sunk three burgers and not quite half a bottle of red wine and cycled back in the sunshine. I feel that all is well with the world. This is particularly true because I think I have found a plumber.

Just let me type that again, to savour the phrase:

I think I have found a plumber.
Or to be more precise, a pair of plumbers. Let's just say that one more time:
I think I have found a pair of plumbers.
It went like this:

  • They came round roughly when they said they would.
  • They smiled and shook my hand and apologised for being a bit late.
  • They assessed the job.
  • They went outside to look at the soil-stack.
  • They told a couple of bad jokes.
  • They asked a couple of relevant questions.
  • They said they thought it would take about a week, all together.
  • And then, they went away to think about a quote.

I think I love them.

Admittedly they may not fulfill their early promise and I might be taking the relationship for granted at too early a stage, without waiting for it to develop at it's own pace.

But I want to marry them. Both of them. They are probably married already, but so am I, so that is fine.

To get a new toilet that actually flushes the poo away and to no longer have to poke at it with our poo-poking-stick to make it disappear, I am prepared to divorce B and marry either or both of them.

AND, they do tiling, as well.

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