Friday, 17 June 2005


I am building a wall.

Yesterday I ordered the plasterboard, batons and screws and had them delivered.

This morning, I put my building trousers on, as they make me look as if I might know what I am doing.

I have just finished a Partition Wall Building Masterclass from Vic, my long-suffering and DIY-enabled father-in-law and now I am on my own.

I am scared.

It's not a big wall - it's to close up an archway between one bit of our bathroom and another, to make two smaller bathrooms - a shower room and a bigger room with a bath. I know what I need to do, it's not too complicated:

  • screw the batons on to the existing wall to make a frame
  • attach the plasterboard to the frame


I am going to watch some Flambards for a bit to calm my nerves.

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