Thursday, 16 June 2005


A minor miscalculation - I'd forgotten quite how traumatic Steel Magnolias is. A brief synopsis:

  • Julia Roberts has severe diabetes, so she shouldn't have babies of her own
  • The won't consider her for adoption because of her medical history
  • She gets pregnant anyway
  • She dies, leaving behind a devoted husband and a baby
  • Her mother, Sally Field, is supported by her fantastic female friends and copes in a stalwart fashion

I have spent the last two hours sobbing on the sofa and I have run out of tissues. All I need now is a go with Truly Madly Deeply followed by Brief Encounter and I will be a basket case for the rest of the week.

Instead, I gritted my teeth and moved on to Five Children and It, to which I give a resolute thumbs down, despite the all-star cast. It's awful. Nothing like the fantastic book I remember from my childhood. I didn't manage to get to the end. It went back in to it's envelope and in to the post box.

I've got Vanity Fair and The Golden Bowl lined up for this evening, thanks to the WI.

Tomorrow Vic, my father-in-law, is coming round to help me build a partition wall as part of our quest to divide our enormous, but slightly crummy, bathroom in to two smaller rooms. I shall be glad to get rid of the batoning and the plasterboard stacked up in the hall.

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