Thursday, 16 June 2005


The WI came round for pizza and a few drinks last night.

They are bad, bad women.

Poor Polish Lodger was given a thorough examination, offered pizza and then discussed, in every aspect, in absentio.

No mime was involved. Although to be frank, I don't think it would have bothered them. He held his end up gracefully, and even more kudos to him for being able to flirt in a foreign language.


Me: "Polish Lodger, would you like a glass of wine?"
PL: [with VERY foxy grin] "Ally! Are you trying to get me drunk?"
Me: [bibble]

He hasn't got a job yet - but he's got himself half a dozen interviews lined up over the next few days and seems happy to walk everywhere, including retail parks that aren't designed to be accessed on foot. I wish I had his enthusiasm - I have decided to take the morning off and am going to sit on the sofa with the biggest tea-pot of tea that I can find and watch 'Steel Magnolias'.

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