Saturday, 18 June 2005


Thank you Christine!

I have been ranting about Flambards to friends, aquaintances and random people I've met in the street for nearly two months now and no-one has had the slightest idea of what I'm talking about. Excepting Nina from the WI of course, who seems to be on exactly the same wave-length as me, TV-drama-wise.

I was starting to think that she and I were sharing some sort of spooky joint hallucination.

I fell in love with the 'Flambards' books by K. M. Peyton in my early teens. Then I discovered that there had been a TV serial in the late seventies that I'd missed. While B has been away it has seemed the most natural thing in the world to bump them to the top of our DVD rental list and wallow in an orgy of nostalgia.

What more could anyone ask for:

  • set around the time of the First World War
  • two brothers are both in love with their cousin Christina
  • fantastic horses
  • early aeroplanes
  • romance, elopements, weddings, soldiers, deaths, funerals and babies. The whole nine yards.

I haven't washed the kitchen floor all week, I've been so entranced.

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