Monday, 13 June 2005

crazy tom is back

Crazy Tom is back.

Well, strictly speaking, he's not back in person ... but he's back in my email.

With a perfectly polite enquiry about whether I want anything out of his house (i.e. the house we used to co-own) before he sells it.

He asked a mutual friend for my email address, so I knew an email was coming, as she had asked me whether it was okay to give the address out to him.

It was still a really odd feeling to see his email pop in to my in-box.

I knew, through his neighbours, that he was selling the place, so it didn't come as a shock. Another thing that wasn't a shock was that he neglected to mention that his house has increased in price by approximately 200% since he bought me out of it four years ago.

Since we are now apparently on civil terms again, I am working hard at feeling pleased for him about that.


Must try harder.

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