Monday, 27 June 2005

back, front, up, down

B is home.

I am home.

In fact, we are both home.

We are tired - Saturday's job finished at 4.30 on Sunday morning, which was when the wagon came to collect the flight cases.

The driver had to wake us both up from where we were curled up on top of them in the entrance to the venue, wrapped in the bottom of the slightly smelly curtains that were hanging there to stop the draught. We couldn't decide whether they smelt slightly of mothballs, fire-retardant or of wee - but by that stage we were too tired to care.

I managed to curl up so that whenever I opened my eyes I could see him and prove to myself that he wasn't in Germany. An odd way to demonstrate ones happy-husband-home glee, but I felt it was necessary.

Yesterday we slept spasmodically, ate pizza and watched half of South Pacific before sleeping some more.

Today we have done some paperwork, done some planning and interviewed someone who we want to take on for three months in the autumn to cover our busy period.

Now wine and the bath beckons. There is almost a whole wall now between the part of the bathroom with the bath in it and the part with the basin and toilet in it, so Polish Lodger should be alright for a wee when he gets home, provided we hang a towel over the gap and he whistles.

Vic is coming to finish the plasterboarding off tomorrow. Yay!

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