Monday, 2 May 2005

what would you have done?

Last Thursday, I texted four couples that we hang out with quite a lot, inviting them round for a meal and beers tonight. The two couples that we see most of responded before the weekend, saying yes, they'd like to come.

I didn't hear anything from the others until after midday today, when we came home to find that each of the chaps had left a message on my phone. One left a text saying yes they'd definitely be up for it, and the other left a verbal ramble which made it difficult to ascertain whether he was saying they'd like to come but realised they'd left it late, or that they couldn't make it.


  1. pretend I never got the messages
  2. tell them they're too late, they're rude so-and-so's and they'll never get an invite from us again
  3. say yes, of course they can come, and try to make the food stretch from six to ten
  4. say yes, of course they can come, and rush out and buy more food and get generally stressed
  5. tell them they've left it too late for food, but they're welcome to come round for drinks after we've eaten

What would Miss Manners do?

I have gone for option (5) and just sent them both a text, using the phrase 'slack bastards' and saying that if they want to come round for a drink later in the evening they are all welcome, but that we've already prepped food for six, rather than ten.

I feel a bit undervalued, but I am not foaming at the mouth any more.

Time for a drink whilst cooking, I think ...

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