Monday, 9 May 2005

the chosen

We have Chosen Our Bath.

People who commented on the original bath-post, has none of you really ever test-driven a bath before? It seems the most obvious thing in the world to me :). And the lady in the bath shop was very understanding about it. B and I climbed in to several different ones to try them out, some of them in the shop window.

We have decided on one that is 1800 by 900 centimeters. It is enormous.

We now have to find a plumber. This seems to be the equivalent of searching for hens teeth in a haystack. We have had one extortionate quote and have another chap coming tomorrow who is also able to do loft-conversions.

In the meantime, the lodger has moved out and we are fielding enquiries from a number of Polish students who want summer accommodation and don't seem too put off my brutually honest description of the sanitary facilities, or the fact that we have a small bath (for the smaller bathroom, obviously, courtesty of ebay) in the middle of the lounge.

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