Thursday, 26 May 2005

taking a holiday ...

We are off camping for a week tomorrow, so I may not get a chance to post until I come back on the third.

Last year we went to Ma's farm with R and Dani and their kids for a few days - despite the rain it was fun, so we thought we'd give it another go.

We get to pitch our tents in her field, the boys can dig a fire-pit to cook on and kids can run wild.

A plus for me is that I get to spend quality time with my parents without actually being trapped in their space all the time.

Ma has become engaged with the process. She likes having the kids visiting (And us, of course. I hope.) and she has also employed a plumber to come and fix the outside toilet. I've tried to contribute financially, but she won't accept, because she says that she was going to have it done anyway for the fruit-pickers to use in the summer.

Apparently the process has involved:

  1. Contacting plumber
  2. Non-arrival of plumber, three times
  3. Recommendation by plumber of his oppo, trainee plumber
  4. Visit and estimate by trainee plumber - leather-wearing, Harley-riding lady called Tamsin, who is a nurse for two days a week and a plumber for the rest
  5. Plan of attack concoted by Ma, Tamsin and Supervising Plumber, involving leaving the 1920's cistern in place and welding new pipes in
  6. 1920's cistern leaking copiously from crack in back when connected
  7. Toilet pan leaking copiously from crack in back when flushed
  8. Hairline crack being discovered in basin once it was re-plumbed
  9. Liberal application of
    1. cement to pan
    2. mastic to sink
  10. Replacement of cistern
  11. Realisation that drain was blocked
  12. Fixing of drain
  13. Triumphal departure of plumber and motorbike, with promise to return once cement has set to see whether pan still leaks, as Ma refused to touch it, in case she broke it.
The nations waits.

If all else fails, we can use the facilities in the house.


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