Wednesday, 25 May 2005

odd odours

Des, who's husband is the gamekeeper, has been helping Ma out with the heavy work on the farm whilst 'the boy, Edwin' who normally does it is having his second hip replacement and his hernia looked at.

She keeps bringing the puppies bones.

Not nice, sanitised Walt-Disney-type bones that you might get from a pet shop, but acutal bits of pig's legs - I believe that pigs knees are known as knuckles.

Bones apparently taste best when they have been buried somewhere for a few days. And if you dig them up and then rebury them in various different places, that adds to the flavour.

And the smell.

Ma spent about a week wondering what the odd odour was in her bedroom.

Eventually, she was getting dressed one morning and Moss enthusiastically un-earthed a bone buried underneath her bedside rug.

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