Thursday, 5 May 2005


We went on a site-visit to a venue in London yesterday. It involved a four hour drive each way, with the production management duo then going to a fairly brief meeting with the client to finalise what they needed, while we sussed out the room and decided where we were going to put the lights.

Or so we thought.

Their meeting went on for three hours and had twenty two members from the company attending. No decisions had been made about what they were aiming for as a whole, and it was three hours of discussion that the clients should have had before involving the production team.

They weren't able to actually divulge what budget they were working to, and there were things that they said they needed - like a blacked out room - that they couldn't reveal the purpose of, which made it very difficult to work out the best way to sort it for them.

We came home, ran the bath, sat in it, drank a slug of whisky each and climbed in to bed, exhaused by thinking.

We are now going to vote and then visit Kate and Vic to sit in their bath to ascertain whether we want to get a similar size one.

Vic has requested that we remove our body piercings before we do so:

  1. I don't have any
  2. Should your father-in-law say that kind of thing to you?

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