Friday, 20 May 2005

change in commenting policy

Ok 'Anonymous', you have pissed me off.

I have an unstated policy here of not deleting on-topic comments, as I feel that if I'm prepared to write stuff, I should be prepared to take on the chin what people think about it, and allow other people to discuss it in an open forum.

HOWEVER, if you feel so strongly about your response to what I've written that you are prepared to be abusive - and you have been - you should be prepared to put your name on what you write.

I am not even going to reply to your comments, as you have so missed the point of my post.

And I think that you will find that you actually spell 'pedophiles' "P A E D O P H I L E S".

I am sorry folks, but from now on, I am going to delete Anonymous comments, of any kind - if you are not a Blogger member, please leave at least a name, if not a URL or email address.

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