Monday, 23 May 2005

bathing with animals

Bathing with animals #1
Last time we visited Ma's, B decided he'd take a bath. After a while I thought I'd go in and have a chat to him while he soaked. As I opened the door, Meg the sheepdog puppy rushed in past me, and launched herself at him with maximum possible excitement at finding him. She executed an emergency stop as she realised he was lying in a bath full of water, but ended up with her front legs over the side of the bath thoroughly licking his face.

Then she realised she was stuck, so she started to scrabble around a bit.

I was laughing too much to help her and B was attempting not to get dog-clawmarks all over his manly chest. The only reason that she didn't end up in the bath with him was that, as she was scrabbling, she caught sight of his boy-bits, floating around happily Down There, and did a comic double-take that involved being struck still as a statue in admiration, for long enough for me to get hold of her and eject her.

When I mentioned this in passing to Ma she commented "Well dear, she IS in season at the moment".

B didn't think this was funny.

Bathing with animals #2
Singing in the bath is less fun if there is a cat sat outside the bathroom door, harmonising with you. It makes you very self-conscious, particularly if you are singing non-conformist hymns; I always think that if felines went to church they'd attend somewhere with a more traditional service, and perhaps incense.

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