Friday, 29 April 2005

why not just photocopy it?

I have hit a difficulty.

Do you realise how difficult it is to photograph your own arse?

We have a running gag in the office about taking a photo of ones arse and sending it to difficult clients.

B was working away last night, and we were chatting by phone before I went to sleep and the gag came up; so I decided to use up one of my five monthly picture messages by sending him a photo of my posterior.

It took me THIRTY goes to get a picture that didn't either:

  • fill the screen like Jupiter seen from one of it's moons (no pun intended), with no clues as to what the photo actually was of
  • have Arse Offset Issues
  • look like my arse was a false one fashioned out of putty
I could post all thirty pictures here, but I won't, to save your sanity.

Go and read She Weevil's animal interest story, instead.

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