Tuesday, 19 April 2005

think about it, for a better world

Things to teach your god-children for fun:

  • how to spit properly, and actually hit things
  • that Power Rangers are 'pony*'. When asked what 'pony' means, say that it is a term that grown-ups use to describe children's TV programmes that are created as an excuse to sell toys and they should be sure to explain it to their teacher
  • how to crow like a cockerel REALLY loudly as soon as it gets light
  • how best to explain to their Aunt that their cousins look like the Midwich Cuckoos
  • that giving ladies chocolate makes them happy
  • that if they put their sausages on their head during dinner, the Sausage-Head-Eagle will swoop down and take them, and their head, away
*Pony and trap - cockney rhyming slang. Think about it. Or look here.

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