Thursday, 28 April 2005

rough justice

Fabien the Salmon Faverolle cockerel has a new name.


Perhaps because he is bottom of the Poultry Pecking Order, or perhaps in response to his early trauma at the hands of Bin Laden The Veervolt, he has developed a real attitude problem with humans. Not only is very aggressive and quite scary; but he is showing disturbing signs of intelligence and cunning ...

Ma warned us about him at the weekend when we went to visit - apparently he has taken to hiding behind the hedge and jumping out at people when they go past; and then running all the way round the glass-house block to meet you at the top of the path for a second round.

Since he's two feet six inches high and has two inch spurs, this is quite un-nerving, especially since you can hear him lumbering up behind you like the T-Rex from 'Jurassic Park', making the ground shake. However, despite all the stories, I was quite blase about him and thought they were all making a fuss about nothing.

Until he leapt out at me on Sunday and I had to beat him repeatedly over the head with the feed bucket to get him to let go of my thigh.

Natalie won't walk past his house without a stick, and Ma says that he wasn't even deterred when she picked him up by his legs and whirled him round her head.

Anyway, I understand that his days are numbered ... some of Ma's chicks look like they are cockerels. So Fabien/Brutus is destined for the pot, bad attitude and all.

There was a classic Star Wars moment in the glass-house on Sunday when we put the chicks out in a pen for the afternoon; Brutus stalked by, stopped and looked in, and you could almost hear him thinking "Babies, I AM YOUR FATHER".


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