Monday, 18 April 2005

rainwater, good for the skin

As weekends go, I've had better.

It's rained quite a lot.

That's fine.

The rain has been coming through the roof in to our bathroom.

Less fine.

I first noticed it in the middle of the night when I was sitting on the toilet having a wee and trying not to wake up properly.


We have had to dismantle all the cladding that the previous occupants put up in the bathroom, presumably to cover up the damp patches and the terrible, terrible job they had done of sorting it out.


But IN A WAY good, because we have been planning to do it anyway. Just not right now.

Now, rather than the water coming in and seeping all along the cladding and waterfalling from the ceiling and down the walls, it is dripping (pouring) through one place, that at least I can put a bucket under.

This happens to be right in front of the sink, which I suppose is a minor improvement on right over the toilet.

The roofing guy who lives on our street is coming to have a look at it this morning and the insurance people want a quote from him.

Our lodger is putting up with it womanfully, although the cats are a bit stressed - they tend to come and let me know when it's raining anyway, which is very ego-massaging, as they seem to think I can make the sun come out. I am a bad cat-mother today, however, as I can't even make it stop raining inside.

I am going to put a sou-wester on now, and clean my teeth.

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