Monday, 11 April 2005


I AM working. Honest.

  • I have meditated and sent out distant reiki
  • I have paid B and I last months pay ... put on hold because of our cash-flow and bank-account transferral issues (now, hopefully, fully resolved)
  • I have paid the PAYE people so they don't come round and steal my kneecaps
  • I have reconciled the bank and updated the diary
I am now revising our website, updating it with new photos, putting the new logo in and making it look generally more swish.

Kind of.

I am also listening to this fabulous Canadian country radio station, drinking a pint of tea with four sugars and eating my way through the packet of rich-tea biscuits that seem to be the only vaguely snack-ish food in the house.

I want to be sitting on the sofa watching Gone With The Wind whilst eating chocolate cake ... but if I do that, I can't pretend that I am doing something very busy and important and therefore don't have the time to go through my notes for tomorrow's trial by ordeal.

Excuse me, I need to go and dance around the office to Harper Valley PTA now.

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