Tuesday, 19 April 2005


I am SO pissed off, this is a bit of a rant.

Another lampey who works in roughly the same geographical area that we do has been slagging R off to our clients. This chap took a nine month sabbatical and expected the work to be there for him when he decided to come back to it.

He is telling our mutual clients and aquaintences that we have 'moved in and stolen his clients'; we haven't deliberately approached anyone - but we'd have been bonkers in spades to turn down work which we were legitimately offered, by clients who approached US, rather than the other way round.

So one particular client (the main guy who employs this chap) came up to B last week at another gig and said that although he didn't have any criticisms of R's performance, he didn't think he was quite right as a member of their team, and they'd see how his job this week went, but they wanted someone with more 'flair' if they couldn't have B himself.

R's only worked for them once so far, been very technically competent and not NEEDED any 'flair', as he's not been hired to design anything, just to provide technical back-up.

Besides which, he has flair coming out of his ears, when necessary.

Yesterday he went in to his job and found that there was what should have been a minor issue with the lighting desk - it wasn't communicating properly with one of the moving lights. This could have been solved by loading an up-to-date version of the desk software (called a 'personality').

However, the desk had been 'cleared down' - ie, wiped, and the floppy disk with the up-to-date personalities, that was there when he was in the week before last, had mysteriously disappeared.

He did everything obvious, before phoning B and working through all the less obvious things that they could think of. This wasn't helped by the head lighting tech onsite coming in and 'helping' and undoing a lot of the stuff he'd already done.

In the end, the head lighting tech phoned this other lampey, who fixed the issue over the phone in quick-sticks - it was just a case of loading a different personality; this personality was named differently to how it normally is on this particular kind of desk.

I am suspicious, particularly of the disappearing personality disk.

And then today, very shuffly-feeted, the venue have phoned up and cancelled R for a job they had booked him on in June.

It stinks.

It turns out that there have been some kind of political shennanigins behind the scenes at the venue, that we have got embroiled in as innocent third parties.

The thing that is really pissing me off is that rather than being honest with us, the venue manager fed B some bullshit about R not really fitting in with his team. They are an ODD team, to be fair, but R is one of the most personable people I know, doesn't have any nervous twitches or personal hygeine issues, or turettes in front of the end clients ... and when he worked for them last week, the end client came up and asked for his contact details.

I could go on and on, but I suppose it would be better for my blood pressure to go and have a lie-down under some nice, soothing, wet newspaper.

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