Thursday, 21 April 2005

Conversations with my mother #47691

Me: So we went to the hospital to see the gynae this afternoon.
Ma: Did you dear? What did he say?
Me: He offered me a couple of options ...
Ma: MOSS! MOSS! DON'T DO THAT! What were they dear?
Me: [holding phone at arms length from ear] Erm ... well, either drugs to make me ovulate, or a laparoscopy to see if my tubes are blocked. Or both.
Me: Shall I call you back a bit later?
Ma: No, no, it's okay, only the puppies are getting more confident and they've been going further away. [takes breath]. I took your father to the hospital today to have a doppler test on his leg and they are talking about there's a good girl, come here then, lymphoma.
Me: Ah.
Ma: I don't think he really took it in, so I haven't made a big deal about it.
Me: It doesn't necessarily mean cancer though, does it?
Ma: Don't bring that in here, flowerpots live outside.
Me: Sorry?
Ma: No, I don't think so. We'll have to wait and see.
Me: Okay. Well, we'll see you on Friday, anyway.
Ma: Yes, good. I've got eight little chicks!
Me: From the incubator? [which was gestating on the top of the dining room table last time we visited]
Ma: Yes, they're lovely.
Me: Where are you keeping them?
Ma: On top of the Aga, in the plastic box the council have left me to recycle newspapers. It's just the right size.
Me: I'll see you on Friday then ....

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