Friday, 11 March 2005

sowed with salt

I have just been for an initial appointment with a Specialist Nurse at the fertility clinic.

I don't really know what I was doing there - the Sister didn't really explain what the process was going to be or answer any of my questions fully. She also said that endometriosis has no effect on fertility and the best thing for it is to have a baby. As I understand it, the first statement is not strictly true and the second one definitely isn't; which does not inspire confidence.

None of my results from the bloods I had taken before christmas had been forwarded on to her, which made her job more difficult.

I had an internal ultrasound scan (yeuch) though, which showed everything that one would expect and nothing that one wouldn't. It did show lots of things that might be about to attack the Enterprise though.

I have another appointment in six weeks, by which time she thinks she should have managed to locate the missing test results.

She thinks that the SSRIs may be making my body produce too much prolactin, which may delay or prevent ovulation, and reitierated what the GP said about coming off them if I catch as they can cause nervous deformities in the foetus. She sent me over the road to have a test to see if my prolactin was high. She also said that the tablets would probably have made my cycle longer since I started taking them, and didn't really listen to me when I said that in fact it had got shorter. She dismissed the monthly bloating that I experience as gas, ignoring the fact that it also affects my breasts and that I can generally pinpoint to within a couple of hours when I've ovulated because of it. She didn't give me a chance to say that I had been taking my temperature, which also indicates that I am ovulating.

Despite all that, it wasn't an all together negative experience. I accept that I like to know all the ins-and-outs of everything in the Nth degree and that practitioners just don't have time to give patients all the science. And she was a nice woman who was very sensitive as she was doing the scan, which I was dreading.

Two next steps, apparently:

  1. Test to see whether my tubes are blocked. Non-invasive, which is nice.
  2. Taking some kind of medication on the first five days of my cycle every month to stimulate ovulation. I should thinnk this will probably involve hormonal mood-swings.

Oh good.

It appears that as far as the SSRIs go, whether we choose the adoption route or the assisted conception route, I am screwed. The routes available are:

  1. Just stop taking them, and see if I go bonkers again
  2. Come off them gradually, and see if I go bonkers again
  3. Come off them gradually, replace them with fish oil, and see if I go bonkers again
  4. Come off them gradually, replace them with a tricyclic that doesn't effect fertility or foetal development, and see if I go bonkers again

As you can see, there is a theme here.

This month's baby catalogue (BAAF monthly 'Be My Parent' magazine, so named by my friend Tessa) came today.

A weekend spent thinking about our options, I guess.

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