Tuesday, 8 March 2005

sounds fishy to me

I have come across this book about how taking a supplement of essential fatty acids can help with the treatment of depression.

Because of the issue the adoption agency had with me being on anti-depressants, and because my GP has said that I will need to come off the SSRIs if I fall pregnant, it seems sensible to look for alternatives.

Apparently one can take 1000mg of EPA daily and it should have an effect on the situation, visible after a month and very visible after three months. Unlike St John's Wort (which I took for a while before I went on the SSRIs and which did help) it can also be taken alongside regular medication. I've ordered some today.

In the course of my surfing to find a supplier, I came across this article in the Observer. The author read the book and tried the treatment - he basically concludes that it has helped him, although it is not a miracle cure.

He also mentions the stigma associated with anti-depressants and their association in people's minds with weakness. This is true, and I have to say, it really ticks me off.

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