Thursday, 24 March 2005


I am in disgrace.

B has realised that I have put all the clocks in the house and the one on his mobile phone between five and ten minutes fast, in an effort to get him to leave the house on time in the morning.

Having said that, two things in my favour as justification:

  • It has taken him three weeks to realise
  • When he was in his teens, his friends used to tell him that they were meeting up FORTY FIVE MINUTES earlier than they actually were, in a vain hope that he wouldn't be more than thirty minutes late.

To be honest, with such a grand, Lady Bracknell-esque style of lateness, five or ten minutes wasn't ever going to make that much of a difference, but despite that, I feel a real manipulating rat about it, even if it is only because I've been found out.

He's taken it very well, considering.

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