Thursday, 10 March 2005

lost and found

Things I have lost this week:

  • mobile phone charger
  • online access PIN for my bank account
  • three socks
  • power lead for old computer I want to recycle
  • jar of jam I was sure was in back of cupboard
  • B's driving licence

Things I have found this week, whilst looking for the things I have lost:

  • mobile phone charger for phone before last
  • headset for PC I bought before a) I moved in with B and b) I realised that my sound-card was only half-duplex and therefore B and I were never going to have telephone sex using an internet connection
  • staples for old stapler
  • skirt in style of Lauren Bacall of horrendously expensive harris tweed that I never finished making and am now too round to wear
  • the bits for the food mixer that look like they are for mincing small children's fingers
  • lamp base made by my father out of an old newel post that I have never got round to having repaired
  • 10 meters of CAT 5 with no jacks on either end
  • lipgloss, which I haven't been known to wear since about 1989
  • non-slip yoga mat
  • flute
  • rape alarm, boxed

I could safely have thrown that box out without going through it, then.

But I still have a sock-jam-driver's licence crisis.

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