Tuesday, 22 March 2005

full house

Things I have bought on ebay in the last two months:

  • twenty-three novels/sets of books (including entire 'Narnia' series for £6.99)
  • six DVDs (including 'Gone With The Wind' and 'Babylon 5 In the Beginning')
  • a single bed head-board (blue)
  • two mattress covers
  • two sets of sheets-and-pillowcases
  • two duvet covers (beige)
  • an optical mouse
  • 2GB of RAM (for machine upgrade)

Things I have sold on ebay in the last two months:

  • five books
  • 1.75 GB RAM (initially bought wrong speed for machine upgrade)
  • CPU and fan (upgraded machine)

Happiness of our postman at number of large parcels he has to return to postoffice as they won't go through the letterbox:

Net financial gain:

  • Probably negative. Definitely not enough to assuage Net Guilt (see below)

Net emotional gain:

  • Low (included sad frown from B when he looked at the paypal account and credit card statement)

Net guilt:

  • Very high

Possible solutions:

  • sell more stuff to assuage Net Guilt and compensate for Negative Financial Gain (see above)
  • have baby, or possibly kitten, to take mind off ebay

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