Saturday, 26 March 2005

crime and punishment

We are off to visit Ma and Pa for Easter weekend, followed up by a week travelling around southern England visiting friends who we haven't seen for ages. So probably no blog entries for a week, until we get back on April 3rd.

I spoke to Ma yesterday; she is preparing for the arrival of her Potter's Wheel by clearing a space in one of her sheds for it.

Hidden in the corner under a pile of miscellaneous stuff, she found a 'beware of slippery roads' roadsign. She claims to have no idea how it got there. Neither Natalie or I know either, although Natalie reckons that I brought it home one night after I'd been out on the razzle. If this is true, I genuinely have no memory of it.

Ma decided the roadsign had to go, and was all set to load it in the back of her van and leave it near some roadworks in town ... but Natalie told her she might get nicked if anyone caught her. So they waited until it was dark and drove it up to the top of the hill down a little used lane, and abandoned it.

On the way back down the track, they spent an uncomfortable half hour blocked in by a logging lorry, come to pick up the last load of the day. They had to wait until it had finished loading before they could make their escape.

Crime has a different definition in the country.

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