Friday, 18 March 2005


Here's a conundrum for you:

We've been advertising our spare room for about three weeks now, with no success, probably because the price was too high. At the weekend, we dropped it down quite a bit, and have had a lot more interest.

Someone from London phoned on Monday, asking if she could come and look at it on Tuesday or Wednesday. I said fine, and she said that she would phone me Tuesday morning to arrange a time. She phoned at about 11am and we arranged 3pm Wednesday.

However, she didn't turn up at 3, and she didn't phone to say she was going to be late.

I waited until 4pm and then decided I was 'out to callers'.

At 4.15, she phoned - being out, I didn't pick up - and left a brief message, asking for directions to the house, no apology or explanation or even mentioning that she was running late. At 4.20, she phoned again and left another short message asking me to phone her. She rang every five or ten minutes for the next two hours.

By then I was in a quandry. I didn't know whether I wanted this person as a lodger.

I don't mind the fact that she was late. But I DO mind the fact that she didn't let me know she was going to be late.

We are going to be sharing a good chunk of both our house and our life with whoever takes this room ... am I being unreasonable to not want to start off having to make allowances for someone who thinks that it's okay to expect me to hang around for an hour and a quarter for them, with no explanation or apology?

I felt extremely uncomfortable about the whole thing.

I was about to call her back at 6.45 when she called again. She claimed to have been calling me since 2pm to ask for directions; this kind of clarified my feeling that she was not someone I want to share space with and we had a conversation that made me feel like the mother of a sulky teenager.

In the meantime I have had two emails and one other phone call asking for more info about the room. I am hoping that at least one of them is sane, wage-earning, non-pathological, reliable and clean, and that I can identify which out of the three that person is.

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