Tuesday, 8 March 2005


Someone has stolen all my bones.

They must have sneaked up on me while I was asleep at the weekend and done a total bone-ectomy.

Conclusion: I can no longer stay up all night and bounce straight back in to routine the next day. Hence the lack of blogging towards the end of last week.

Our big job in Manchester last week went very well indeed, and the client was really happy ... however, it did entail working from midday Wednesday until 7.30 am on Thursday. And despite the fact that I managed to get a couple of hours sleep while the show was on, I've not quite recovered.

B and R have been a bit less adversely effected I think, which is all to the good, since they've both had other work since, and sending out technicians who closely resemble extras from Shaun of the Dead is probably not a good move. Although I suppose that some people might say that it would be an improvment on their normal appearance.

While they've been out, I have been shuffling around in my slippers and filling in forms for yet another mortgage broker who sounds very efficient ... almost scarily so in fact. We have been recommended to him via a long chain of friends, so we'll see how it goes. After the Mortgage Debacle of a couple of weeks ago, we had decided to let things ride with the office/flat purchase - however, on Friday, the vendor of a property that we saw a month ago accepted the offer we'd made him. We'd thought he had gone away, as despite chasing the estate agent we had heard nothing from him in all that time.

I don't trust this estate agent further than I can spit a medium-sized rat (we bought our house via them and they tried to push us up by nearly 20% of the purchase price at the last minute), so we are hoping to move along to exchange ASAP.

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