Wednesday, 16 March 2005

birthday coming up

I'd like a goat for my birthday please. It's not until May, but I thought I'd ask now so people have time to get a nice one.

Actually, I'd like several goats, with big floppy ears and pointy beards and soulful expressions.

I have compiled a Master Plan to keep them in our back yard, with access to the shed and little plaid coats for when it's wet, and I have a mental image of me taking them for walks on the prom all in a line tied together with string.

Sadly though, B has put his foot down. I think I played my 'pony' card too early; the idea was that I'd scare him so much by my plan for a pony that he'd give in to the goats in a flood of relief.


However, during the "A Goat Or Our Marriage, Your Choice" discussion, we agreed that a new kitten might not be out of the question. We already have one-and-three-quarter cats - Simpkin, who is the size of a small house (prompting the Ealing Comedy Comment from the boy who came to help the man fit the new gas fire:

[assume perky cockney accent]
"Cor, Mrs! That cat's as big as a dog!"
and Mrs Three Legs, who is named for obvious reasons and usually responds to 'Puss'.

However, if a goat arrives in the post, perhaps gift-wrapped and with a bag of feed, I am hoping that B will instantly fall in love with it and not be able to send it away.

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