Monday, 28 February 2005

social psychology and statistics

After I joined the Small World Project, I emailed a few people telling them about it ... I got this email back from a Social Scientist I foolishly included on the mailing list:

"couple of problems with this.... one the original research was Milgrams, two his findings where flawed. The assumption is all people are connected by only six others, an amusing game and commercially available as "The Six Degrees of Separation of Kevin Bacon."

Social Psychology isn't sociology, and neither should weigh themselves down with fruitless statistical studies... statistics is not sociology or psychology.

Plus I feel time would be better spent either mapping the social relations of individuals and overlaying these. Creating a much more dynamic view of the social construction of reality. Alternately, go watch John Gares play or watch Fred Schepisi film of the playwrights screenplay version. Both are more entertaining and certainly more thought provoking!"

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