Tuesday, 15 February 2005

small single room to rent, no heavy rock fans please

Our new bed has arrived.


We now need a wardrobe of some description that will fit in the tiny space left in the room - and then we are all set to rent it out. I have filled in the form for the Theatre Digs List and posted it today and put our details on various websites advertising accommodation and house-sharing.

I feel slightly wierd about the whole thing ... I do like people, but I also like my own space. And in the past my flat-share experiences haven't been all that positive. I am sure that everyone has nightmare stories from when they were a student - mine involves a Metallica fan who used to put his steak (I went to York - large percentage of rich kids) on the top shelf of the fridge with no plate under it, so that it bled down on to everything. And he used to leave a scattering of odd black particles in the bath.

I don't know what they were, I was too scared to look; but I am affirming to myself that the first sign of any mysterious black bits anywhere in the house will result in all of the guilty party's belongings being placed in plastic bags on the doorstep, along with an eviction order.

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