Wednesday, 9 February 2005

run, run away

Yesterday I did a handover of my tippy-top web-based quality system for scroat*-training companies to the person who will be maintaining it for the company.

This is not something I encourage, as I rather like clients to come back and pay me to maintain my own system, instead of doing it themselves and not paying me anything, thank you very much.

However, clearly there was a snowball's chance in hell that these guys were ever going to do that, so instead of doing a staff training session to show the end-users how the system works, they negotiated a run-through for the person they are giving the maintenance responsibility to.

It is not a complicated system (er, I probably shouldn't be saying that, should I?) but it does need a basic grasp of the principles of HTML to update it.

The first time we met, at a meeting that also included her manager, the person I was training claimed to be familiar with HTML and web design.

However, in our one-to-one yesterday, sans-manager, it soon became apparent that she was fibbing big-style.

Questions like "So what are the pointy brackets for?" gave this away. And the fact that she did not seem to be able to navigate her way through the directory tree. Or understand the concept of hyperlinks.

I have just finished drawing up a signing-off document for her mananger to sign, in order to conclude the contract. It has been very difficult to think of a tactful way to say

"If you mess the system up, don't come crying to me to fix it for you unless you pay me big wedge".
But I think I've managed it.

* disaffected scallys (chavs for you southerners) or their offspring.

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