Thursday, 17 February 2005

parental inversion

We are off to my Ma and Pa's for a couple of days.

Apparently it is very windy, which makes the glass from the greenhouses fly about in an alarming manner.

Rather than this though, I am worrying about my Dad ... the angioplasty he had late last year hasn't worked properly and the ulceration on his leg is really painful. He went to see the specialist last week, who basically said that he can't do any more for him and that the next move is to amputate.

I know someone who has had precisely the same thing done and says that it is the best decision he ever made. Not an easy one however.

And however distressing it is for me to see my father cry with pain, which is part of his normal morning routine now, it is infinitely worse to be the one crying, particularly since is eighty-seven. For a man of that generation to cry in front of his daughter, the pain must be pretty bad, despite all the painkillers he is on.

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