Sunday, 6 February 2005

it was me

I have broken the internet.

I've spent the last two hours trying to load some of my surplus stuff up on to ebay, and not only can I not seem to get it to upload photos using Mozilla, but the entire interweb seems to have slowed to a crawl.

I have spent the weekend feeling pretty crap - isn't wierd how sometimes when you are feeling really down, the universe decides that what you really, really need is to feel a bit worse?

So just after we got back from the adoption meeting, I came on. My body can't seem to grow babies of it's own, but hell, it's gonna spend four days every month reminding me that my biological purpose in life is actually to produce more humans, and if that doesn't happen, to shed my womb lining in as much pain as possible. With added mood swings, for extra joy.


And to cap it all, I've been reduced to using Internet Explorer.

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