Thursday, 24 February 2005

here we stand

B marched out of the house this morning with a determined expression, only slightly hampered by the fact that he forgot his car keys and had to come back and do it all over again.

He was off to a production meeting for what is rapidly becoming the Worst Job Of The Year So Far.

It is in large exhibition venue in Manchester and has been on the books since before christmas. Last week all sorts of shennanigins about it were revealed. And this morning, pre- the production meeting, we found out that instead of starting the get-in at 10am on Tuesday, for a show on Wednesday night, they want us to start at 12-midnight on Tuesday and effectively work 36 hours straight. This was intially said to be 'for health and safety reasons', but when we pointed out that it was probably actually safer to allow the crew some time off to sleep, the venue sales guy came clean and said that it boiled down to cold hard cash, and the space hadn't been booked for the day before. Of course, no-one mentioned the European Working Time Directive. No-one ever does, or the entertainment industry would grind to a halt.

Anyway, hence B's set grimace as he set off this morning.

There were twenty four people at his meeting. Only four of them needed to be there to actually discuss getting the show up. Diana was obsessing about where the plants were going to go and sucking up to the end-client, to the extent of asking B if he could do something with the lighting to get boss-lady's little black dress to look lovely on the stage. No-one seemed concerned about the fact that we might not actually have time to get the show actually rigged.

I am now actually boring myself.

Anyway, apparently it is okay for us to get-in during the day if the venue book us. So we are billing the venue, who will be billing our client, who will be billing the end client. I could draw a diagram, but I don't have enough coloured pens.

Tomorrow we have a 6am start for a job for Diana. I am biting my tongue already with her, so more pranayama is needed I think.

Good, happy, cheerful things, as I appear to be moaning a lot recently:

  • I have learnt how to use my new phone and have got it to say "I would like to speak to the crew now" in Janeway-from-Voyager's voice when messages arrive.
  • I have sold lots of stuff on ebay, so I might be able to afford the Complete Babylon 5 Series if I make a lucky bid
  • The snowdrops and crocuses in the garden have come up and the mini-cylamen I planted in the autumn are still flowering.
  • B has just phoned me and said that he fancies pizza for tea. Yay!

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