Friday, 4 February 2005

good and bad

We had our introduction meeting with the adoption agency this morning. They were lovely.

However, it is one of their policies not to place children with people who are taking anti-depressants.

We have agreed that rather than us start the process and have the required medicals six months down the line and get knocked back at that point, we will have them now. It involves having a check-up with our doctor, who then writes a report for the agency's doctor, who decides whether it's appropriate to proceed with the process.

I have a good relationship with my GP and I am hoping that he will be supportive and start me on a process of coming off the medication if he feels I'll be able to cope.

However, I also feel a bit discriminated against. Whilst on medication, I am fine. Off medication, I might not be. Surely someone who is dealing with their issues is a better parenting prospect than someone who is depressed?

I feel really tired and very miserable.

However, some good things:

By a fluke I have got the most correct answers in Rhys' movie quiz.

We have found a flat/office that we like and think we'll be able to get a mortgage on it.

R is now being booked as a tech in his own right, as independent-lighting-guy by one of our major clients. Quote to B after his solo job yesterday: "That feckin' R, he's a feckin' credit to you mate!" I wish he'd said something that I could put on the commercial website :-).

I am going to drown my sorrows with my friends Ernst and Julio Gallo and a big pizza now.

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