Tuesday, 1 February 2005

a place of our own

We've been to see some office/flat combo's for sale this morning. We're looking for somewhere that we can use as an office, with a flat upstairs that we can rent out.

Last week R and I went to see one in the centre of town that was a real dive. Very cheap, which is good ... but it smelt very odd indeed. As if something had died.

Also, the woman selling claimed to know nothing at all about any surveys or work that they'd had to have done when they bought it three or four years ago: "You'd have to ask my husband about that". Which seems a bit poor if she's the one who a) uses it as a shop and b) was actually the vendor. She didn't make eye contact, either, which doesn't inspire trust. It was cheap, but the flat was actually missing some windows. So a no-go.

The three we've looked at this morning are in better nick, and we are thinking of putting an offer in on one.

Then we can move the office out of the front bedroom and fill it with adopted children :-).

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