Tuesday, 25 January 2005


I am still wading through Harry's typing. As Teresa has gone away for a few weeks it's down to me to do his corrections - since I committed to it in the first place.

However, what I thought was going to be a straighforward case of piling through the manuscript at speed changing commas and the odd phrase here or there, is becoming an Herculean Task. Harry has decided to make editorial changes - which was definitely NOT in the original negotiations.

And the nature of the corrections means that I simply can't avoid reading the stuff.

I feel like I need a bath after each session, and possibly a nice scrub with a wire brush.

The stories, which he is marketing as 'uplifting tales' seem to be strung-out rants about all the people he feels have done him down over the course of his life. And they include picturesque descriptions of his ex-girlfriends and their attributes. For example, one of them possesses "peachy wangers" [shudder].

Oh, and he is also known as 'The Illuminated One' and will be travelling round the world soon to meet his readers in person.

I am disgruntled with myself for not managing to suss out his quite amazing levels of nuttiness early on - as it is, my options are now fairly limited:

a) sack him off - means Teresa doesn't get paid, which seems unfair

b) sack him off and pay Teresa myself - also seems unfair, but this time to me

c) don't sack him off but take a firm line about more corrections and refer him to Teresa if more work comes up

d) don't sack him off and continue to get taken advantage of

I think I'm going for c). Pass that wire brush please.

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