Friday, 14 January 2005


We received our first 'Be My Parent' magazine from the BAAF during the week. It's a wierd and uncomfortable feeling looking through it and seeing all the kids who need families.

We have been doing some serious thinking about where we are going with starting a family. Today I went to see the doctor to get a bit more information about the hospital tests he has referred me for. It's the first time I've been confident enough to go and see a GP on my own since I moved here, which was a big step forward in itself.

It will take at least eight to ten weeks for the appointment to come through, and the process would involve some or all of:

  • blood tests to see if my ovaries are working
  • having dye blown down my tubes to see if they are blocked
  • possible drug treatment to stimulate ovulation
  • the option of IVF if other things don't work
The GP emphasised that it was a staged process, rather than all happening at once. However, the appointment clarifed my feeling that I don't want to go through the process. Since starting the tests back in December, I have become increasingly stressed about it all. The doctor suggested not cancelling the hospital referral, but waiting until it came through and then seeing how I felt, which seemed like a good plan.

However, he also clarified the fact that one shouldn't be on SSRI-type medication whilst one is pregnant. So if I catch, I will have to come off them.

This seemed like a less good plan.

We have therefore made the decision to call a halt to the tests. If we do conceive, then that is great. However, because I suffer from endometriosis, it is possible that this won't happen naturally.

I have just made an initial phone call to our local adoption agency. They are going to call me back.

Scary stuff.

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