Tuesday, 11 January 2005

not waving, but drowning, actually

Wales is wet at the best of times. Last weekend was not the best of times, I think we can say that most emphatically.

It rained solidly for forty-eight hours from the moment we arrived in Snowdonia.

Foolishly we decided to brave the weather and go for a bit of a walk around Betws-Y-Coed on Friday - we were drenched through in seconds and called it quits after about an hour to take refuge in a tea-shop. Then going back to the cottage the car almost got swept away - R was driving and I swear that the car was floating at one point. I was all set to hop out and push, but we had enough forward momentum to carry us on over the deepest water until the tyres could purchase again. Apart from some scary coughing noises (from both the car and R) there was no damage done.

Fun ... but proves I need more high-tech waterproofs :-).

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