Sunday, 2 January 2005

going greener

We are still gradually going through our lives and trying to 'reduce our footprint' on the earth. We've looked at our carbon emissions and worked out how many trees we need to plant every year to become carbon neutral. Originally we looked at Future Forests (who have a good carbon emission calculator), but they don't seem to have any facility to donate money for trees on a monthly basis AND they don't answer their emails. So I've contacted the Woodland Trust, who seem a bit more together.

We have dealt with our meat supply issue by buying the lamb and pork from Ma and her neighbour ... and we have changed our inefficient upright freezer for a more efficient chest freezer with a bit more room. We can now make a trip to the local farm shop every few weeks and stock up. We are eating less meat anyway - but we've decided that we can't do without it all together at the moment.

We have got rid of the second car, bought bikes and are making a successful effort to cycle to places locally. We've finally finished the loft insulation - the house is about a million times warmer and we are saving up for a room thermostat to attach the boiler.

The final thing we are struggling with is household cleaning products and personal care products. I have become slightly un-nerved by the amount of scary-ass chemicals in all of this stuff. For years I've been buying animal-friendly products that haven't been rubbed in to the eyes of bunnies ... but the chemical impact on our bodies and on the environment is also an issue. I've discovered The Green Shop who only sell ethical and environmentally friendly products - AND you can order online. So problem solved I think.

No New Years resolutions about it all though - much better to try to do things by increments, praise yourself for what you DO manage to do and not beat yourself up if you don't quite meet your targets ... so long as you keep trying to meet them.

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