Wednesday, 5 January 2005

getting a life

Question: How long does it take three graduates to fdisk and rebuild a MS network of three machines?

Answer: Longer than you would have thought humanly possible, even though two of them do have arts degrees.

Two days. TWO WHOLE DAYS. And B is still ripping the final bits of Norton AntiVirus out of his registry by hand - it came pre-installed on his new laptop. When he finishes (or finally gives up) we are going for a reviving curry to celebrate.

We have had a short week this week - tomorrow we are all off to a cottage in Snowdonia to do a bit of walking. B phoned the keyholder earlier this afternoon to arrange an arrival time and ask if the local pub served food. One pm is fine to collect the key, but Mrs Davies doesn't recommend the pub in the village:

"as you're not local, you see, and they might not be very friendly".
I think we'll pop to Co-Op before we go in case the village shop is a local shop for local people. I am also packing a fire extinguisher.

See you next week.

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