Monday, 17 January 2005

dragons, cold calling and pizza

We watched 'Reign of Fire' last night. I liked it - lots of post-apocalyptic sillyness, crazy gung-ho Americans, nicely rendered dragons and my goodness, hasn't Christian Bale grown up since 'Empire of the Sun'? Although I understand that a lot of people were disappointed with the film, I thought it did a reasonable job and it was an entertaining evening in. I have to admit to being a bit of a dragon fan - my SF education started with Anne McCaffrey, and her Dragons of Pern and moved on from there. I think McCaffrey says somewhere that her dragons are based on her perception of horses and the relationship between them and their riders. The dragons in Reign of Fire are nothing like - but brilliant all the same.

I have spent today reluctantly following up cold marketing leads that have been left lingering since the Autumn. I am hoping that having worked my way diligently down the list, the universe is going to reward me by making the people I contact next week excited and enthusiastic about the product. To reward myself I am now going out for a girly pizza-and-cheesy-film evening, leaving B to watch Akira in manly solitude.

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