Friday, 21 January 2005


In response to Adrian's gibe about my reluctance to watch 'Akira' I feel the need to state that I actually quite like a lot of anime ...

I've recently been introduced to Hayao Miyazaki, and really love both the stories and the animation of 'Spirited Away', 'Castle in the Sky' and 'Warriors of the Wind'. I think that labelling Miyazaki 'The Japanese Walt Disney' is a little insulting - he is much more talented than Uncle Walt and his work has about a million times more depth.

I have had a bit of a twitch of my e-bay buying-finger this week and have just taken possession of 'Rain' starring Joan Crawford and 'The Gathering', the pilot episode of Babylon 5. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Bab 5, despite the fact that in South Wales it was on in the early hours and I had to take stimulants to stay awake and watch it every week.

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