Monday, 24 January 2005

breaking the news


What is the best way to break it to your inlaws (who neither you nor your husband has been confiding in much for the last six months, due to their general levels of stress and insanity) that:

a) you are seriously considering adopting two or three (or four, although B starts to twitch a bit at that point) brothers and sisters of pre-school or just-starting-school age?

b) you have been having fertility tests that have resulted in the above decision?


c) you have been on anti-depressants for the last six months for various reasons, (one of which is their general levels of stress and insanity (sic)). But haven't told them because back in the summer they gave B hell one day when they needed a hand moving some furniture and he couldn't help because he was taking you to the GP and worrying whether the GP would section you. Because you didn't know who you were and were hallucinating. But he didn't get an opportunity to tell them this information before they jumped down his throat and accused him of being unsupportive?


Go round for tea with them, all get REALLY, REALLY pissed and divulge everything in one big lump.

Luckily it worked. Rapprochment effected, bridges built, Kate offering to come to adoption interviews, Vic offering to crew for us etc. etc..


Keep your inlaws drunk at all times, and especially before imparting any sensitive information.

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